Fallen Leaf Lake History

Fallen LeafLake is about one mile south of Lake Tahoe, CA. The lake was created by 2 glaciers from the Glen Alpine Valley. If the glaciers had continued instead of stopping, FallenLeafLake would be similar to EmeraldBay. Instead, the glacier stopped and the lake is not a Bay of Lake Tahoe, but rather a separate lake.
The lake is approximately 415 feet deep at its deepest point, located eat of CathedralPeak and north of Stanford Camp. However, the average depth is about 240 feet. Due to the glaciers that carved out the lake, the northern side has a gradual depth change and the bottom is clear from the surface for 400m offshore. It is breathtaking.
The water quality at FallenLeafLake is extremely high due to the lack of commercial development, the universal use of sewers, and modern sediment retention practices. Visibility goes to about 40 feet. The water if potable, and many homes along the shoreline run a pipe offshore to provide water during the winter when other systems may be turned off. Also adding to the high quality of water at FallenLeafLake is the TRPA ban of two-stroke outboard engines in the late 1990s.
Due to its immense beauty FallenLeafLake has been a favorite for Hollywood producers. The movies the Bodyguard and City of Angels was filmed at Fallen Leaf.


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